Moore River, Guilderton

Confidentiality Assured

We understand that you may have reservations in making contact with us. However, given the laws governing historical maritime artefacts, we are also taking a risk communicating with you. 

Artefacts are precious and over time many items have been lost, melted down or simply thrown into the trash. We seek to record both digital images of artefacts and to document stories of discovery, before such precious information is lost forever.  

The GDRG is a private research group.  We are not affiliated with any Government Department or past 'treasure hunters.'  We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to uncovering the ultimate fate of the 68 survivors marooned on the coast of Western Australia in 1656.

I appeal to you, if you have an artefact, have a story to tell, or know someone that does, please contact me for a confidential discussion.

About the Gilt Dragon Research Group

The Gilt Dragon Research Group (GDRG) is a volunteer group of Scientists seeking to digitally record any and all information related to the Gilt Dragon wreck off the coast of Western Australia in 1656.

What does the Gilt Dragon Research Group do?

We take digital images of artefacts in private collections, record stories of adventure and discovery and we preserve this information for future generations.

Why do we do this?

Most artefacts were discovered in the 1960's causing a surge of interest and discovery. With time, many items of historical significance have been lost, relics are being used as doorstops, coins have been hidden away, and exciting stories of adventure have been forgotten. We wish to record images of artefacts and stories of discovery before they are lost forever.

Are we affiliated with any Government Body or Governmental Association?

No - Gilt Dragon Research Group (GDRG) is a privately funded body of professional scientists with an interest in Maritime Archaeology.

Is the process confidential?

Confidentially is paramount to the success of the Gilt Dragon Research Group (GDRG). We will never release your identity without your permission.

Where are we based?

Originally established in Perth, Western Australia, the Gilt Dragon Research Group (GDRG) is now based in Jurien Bay, Western Australia. We conduct regular trips to the Coastal townships between Perth and Geraldton to meet with people who have interesting stories to tell, or have artefacts they will allow us to view.