Moore River, Guilderton

Confidentiality Assured

We understand that you may have reservations in making contact with us. However, given the laws governing historical maritime artefacts, we are also taking a risk communicating with you. 

Artefacts are precious and over time many items have been lost, melted down or simply thrown into the trash. We seek to record both digital images of artefacts and to document stories of discovery, before such precious information is lost forever.  

The GDRG is a private research group.  We are not affiliated with any Government Department or past 'treasure hunters.'  We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to uncovering the ultimate fate of the 68 survivors marooned on the coast of Western Australia in 1656.

I appeal to you, if you have an artefact, have a story to tell, or know someone that does, please contact me for a confidential discussion.



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VOC Historical Society Perth WA

A comprehensive overview of VOC contact with Australia - an excellent resource for any enthusiast.



Rupert Gerritsens's Website

For well researched works on early Australian history, archaeology, maritime archaeology, historical linguistics, historical ethnography, ethnogeography and prehistory - visit this site!



Oztreasure Website

A fantastic website run by Rex Woodmore - fellow metal detector enthusiast.


Australia Discovered

Henry van Zanden's book, The Lost White Tribes of Australia Part 1: 1656 The First Settlement of Australia, is now available for purchase!!! I have read it and I can honestly say it is amazing. It is a massive A4 size, full colour and includes a whopping 218 pages of pure Gilt Dragon pleasure. This book is truly comprehensive and is an invaluable information resource.






Title:  The Lost White Tribes of Australia 1656   

ISBN:  9781921673672

Author: Henry Van Zanden

** The single most comprehensive book available covering all theories Gilt Dragon!




Title:   And Their Ghosts May be Heard  

ISBN: 9781863683784

Author: Rupert Gerritsen

** Hot Stuff - the GDRG highly recommend this book!



Title:    Marooned

ISBN:  0867780185

Author: James A. Henderson

** Hot Stuff - the GDRG highly recommend this book!




Title:     Treasures from the 'Vergulde Draeck'

ISBN:   0724459367 

Author:   Jeremy N. Green




Title:     In Australia Treasure is not for the Finder

ISBN:    0959495703 

Author:   Allan Robinson




Title:       The Gilt Dragon Incident

ISBN:     1876766344

Author:    Harry Turner