Moore River, Guilderton

Confidentiality Assured

We understand that you may have reservations in making contact with us. However, given the laws governing historical maritime artefacts, we are also taking a risk communicating with you. 

Artefacts are precious and over time many items have been lost, melted down or simply thrown into the trash. We seek to record both digital images of artefacts and to document stories of discovery, before such precious information is lost forever.  

The GDRG is a private research group.  We are not affiliated with any Government Department or past 'treasure hunters.'  We are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to uncovering the ultimate fate of the 68 survivors marooned on the coast of Western Australia in 1656.

I appeal to you, if you have an artefact, have a story to tell, or know someone that does, please contact me for a confidential discussion.

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Vergulde Draecr 1656 Inscription Mullaloo 

The Vergulde Draecr inscription located in Mullaloo WA has long been a source of professional tension.  Is the inscription real or a modern day fake?  Who attempted to destroy it?  And why?  



Map - Robinson

A copy of Allan Robinsons map published in 1980.  

Source:  In Australia treasure is not for the Finder 



Map - Emmeloort 

A reproduction of an original map of the West Australian coastline as seen by the Dutch rescue ship Emmelort in 1658.



Map - Waeckende Boei 

A reproduction of an original map of the West Australian coastline as seen by the Dutch rescue ship Waeckende Boei in 1658.



Compass Rose - Ledge Point WA

A rock carving discovered not far from the Gilt Dragon wreck site.  What is it?  The sun, a necklace, spikey hair perhaps?  What do you see?  Email us with your ideas...



Moreton Point - Ledge Point WA

At Eagles Nest in 1932, a skeleton was reported to have been found in a cave at Eagles Nest.  It is alledged the skeleton was so old it disintegrated when touched and was discovered with an old belt and shoe buckles nearby. 



Commemorative Plaque - Seabird WA

A Commemorative Plaque dedicated to the survivors of the Gilt Dragon.  A big thank you to the VOC Historical Society, the Shire of Gingin and the Seabird Progress Association for the dedication.